Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Outlook

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TEMPE, Ariz.– Despite finishing fourth in the AL west last season, the Angels have hope for a better 2017 ahead of them. The biggest question for the team, however, is will they ever find a solid pitcher?  With lacking pitchers and consistent injuries being their downfall in the past seasons, things are questionable for the team. Just like anyone else with minor issues, they are hoping to pull it together during their spring training season. Sources say the American League has improved during their off season.

The Angels have one of the best players in the league–Mike Trout. Having won the most valuable player award in 2016 for his best season yet, the pressure is building on Trout to bring the team to playoffs this season since they fell short in 2016.

Spring training begins on Feb. 25 at the Tempe Diablo Stadium. The pitchers and catchers report on Feb. 14.

Keep updated with the Angels to see if they can surpass all of the doubts that surround their upcoming season.

Jordan Vollmer 



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