Nationals lack change during offseason

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. – A major question for the Nationals as the offseason comes to a close is will they make any more changes to their team?

During the offseason, the Nationals spent $4.9 million on free agents, but it went to outfielder Chris Heisey and infielder Stephen Drew, who return for another season. Neither of them are impact players whose absence would affect the team drastically.

Catcher Wilson Ramos and pitcher Mark Melancon left, and shortstop Danny Espinosa was sent to the Los Angeles Angels. While the roster may be different, it’s not stronger because they didn’t add any big league free agents to the bullpen.

Ted Lerner, owner of the Nationals, does not spend freely, but as spring training approaches, the game of free agent leaves some of the older players without a spot.

For example, the Nationals checked in on outfielder Brandon Moss, who ended up taking a two-year deal from the Royals. Still, he is not the only high-power, lower-mobility type left on the market. Like him, there are others who could be added at a lower price.

The Nationals could always deal for talent at the last minute. Nationals General Manager Mike Rizzo has made more trades this winter than free agent signings, and has plenty of time to make another.

Kelly Haberstroh


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