Padres capitalize on Chargers move to Los Angeles.

SAN DIEGO – After the Chargers exit from San Diego to Los Angeles, the Padres are looking at efforts to increase their fan base and win over the hearts of some upset Chargers fans.

photo courtesy of SD Entertainer magazine

What seems like a loss for the city of San Diego is being viewed as a great win by the Padres organization. The ball club is now offering free tickets to Chargers season ticket holders. Although only one free ticket to one home game per season ticket will be offered, (I know, it doesn’t seem like much) the Padres are looking at all ways possible to get more people through the gates at Petco Park.

Although this is deal is only good for one game, and not an outright season ticket exchange, the Padres are still using it as a viable method for increasing the number of Padres fans in the San Diego area. Now that the Padres no longer play little brother to the Chargers in San Diego sports, and San Diego sports fans are left with very few options besides the Padres, the ball club sees this as an opportunity to capitalize.

On top of the ticket exchange, the Padres are offering a $25 coupon to their team store for every Chargers jersey a fan brings in.

With angry Chargers fans taking to the streets burning Chargers jerseys and flags, it seems like now would be a good time to put out the flame, exchange a jersey for some Padres merchandise, and become a baseball fan this spring.

Christian Gravius


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