Rangers take their name literal

Cole Hamels by MLB.com
ARLINGTON, Texas- The Rangers have been assigned another job besides their spring training in Arizona. Texas Lt. Govenor Dan Patrick has asked the Rangers to join the Houston Police Department in finding Tom Brady’s stolen Super Bowl jersey.

The governor explained that Texas is built around football, and community. By requesting help from the Rangers, he is hoping to quickly recover the jersey.

However, Tom Brady’s jersey is not the only thing the Rangers are trying to retrieve. A source has leaked that Cleveland Indians, Mike Napoli will sign a 1 year contract with the Rangers for 2017. Napoli would be their starting first basemen, and designated hitter. Napoli was with the Rangers from 2011-2012. If the Rangers can maintain their police status, Napoli may return.

USA Today has released their baseball preview. The Rangers are expected to win 89 games, and finish second in the American League West.

To find out about the Rangers schedule go to the Rangers Website.

-Katie Tercek


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