Cubs PECOTA Projections High


Photo of 2016 prospectus courtesy of

CHICAGO — Now that early projections are in, will the World Series champion Chicago Cubs be only second best?


PECOTA , a widely-used statistic-based system for calculating MLB player performance, predicts the Cubs will play well, but it appears the Los Angeles Dodgers may possibly win the most games this upcoming season. Whether or not you believe predictions, PECOTA has a decent track record in prediction the outcomes of games.

However, according to NBC Chicago, the Cubs were only slated to win 92 games and won 103. So the rating system isn’t always perfect.

The Cubs have a strong roster and could easily contend for the World Series title yet again. The Bleacher Report, already stated that such picks like catcher Kyle Schwarber and new edition pitcher Eddie Butler puts the Cubs in a good place.

Hopefully the mold of PECOTA’s prospectus can be broken once again.

Nicholas Youngs


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