White Sox, Nationals in discussion once again.

GLENDALE, Ariz.- Once again, the Chicago White Sox have found themselves in trade negotiations with the Washington Nationals. During the offseason, the White Sox traded outfielder Adam Eaton to the Nationals in exchange for two pitchers and an outfielder. After trading star pitcher Chris Sale to Boston for No. 1 prospect Yoan Moncada, the White Sox looked like the real winners for adding two top 50 prospect picthers to the system as a part of the 3 for 1 deal with the Nationals.

This time around, Chicago is in discussion with Washington regarding White Sox closer

photo courtesy ESPN.com

David Robertson. According to Fox Sports writer Ken Rosenthal, “Robertson is owed $12 million this season and $13 million next season, creating an all-too-typical Nats obstacle.” In order to acquire Roberston, the Nationals would have to take on the $25 million price tag that comes with him as well as make a substantial trade for the White Sox to part ways with their star closer.

Being that the Nationals are not too keen on paying out the rest of Robertson’s contract or giving up anymore young talent than they already have, this trade may never come to fruition. Let it be known, however, that White Sox general manager Rick Hahn is not yet done making moves. Last month at a team event, Hahn said he’s looking to make more trades with other clubs to aid in the White Sox rebuilding efforts.

Say this deal does become a reality, what does it mean for the White Sox pitching rotation and bullpen? With the loss of their ace and closer, the team will look to more young talent in the middle of the rotation as well as be on the lookout for players to rise to the occasion and fill in vital spots on the team. With pitchers and catchers reporting in a matter of days, if the White Sox are going to make a decision, they need to make it soon.

                                                                                             Christian Gravius


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