Oakland A’s Honor Rickey Henderson

OAKLAND, Calif. – As the A’s reconstruct their roster after a disappointing 2016, they also are honoring one of their all-time greats by naming the field at the Coliseum after Rickey Henderson.

“It was only natural,” said team president Dave Kaval, who wants to make a point of celebrating franchise history a bit more. “We might as well start by honoring the green and gold’s greatest member,” he told Jane Lee of MLB.com.

The president also wanted to be clear that the “Coliseum” name will remain for the Athletic’s stadium but it will be the playing surface that is named “Rickey Henderson Field.”

Henderson, who had a long 25-year career, has set numerous MLB records for career stolen bases, career runs, career lead off home runs, and stolen bases in a single season.

“I was honored that they want to name a field after me, the field that I played on, after a kid who grew up in Oakland who thought he’d never had a field named after him, especially a major league field,” said Henderson.

The Hall of Fame outfielder also will serve as a special assistant to Kaval, who was hired in November to lead the A’s ongoing stadium search.

The A’s will dedicate Rickey Henderson Field during a special opening night ceremony on April 3.

Caleb McGuire 


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