New York Mets outlook




NEW YORK–The Mets are projected to win 86 games this season (one fewer than last season) with 15-2 odd to win the National League pennant. The Washington Nationals (The NL East rival) are projected to win 85 games and have 5-1 odds of winning the pennant.

Science isn’t exact when it comes to analytics in sports. Numbers can’t take into account things like injuries, trades, and intangibles.

Ultimately, numbers can’t predict the future. The Mets have one of the deepest rosters in baseball but it all hinges on health–particularly¬†the health of the starting rotation. Who knows if infielder David Wright’s back will hold up or if pitcher Matt Harvey will return to the form he had in 2013?

The Mets weren’t especially aggressive in the offseason, therefore many will be nearly rehabbed and ready for when spring training begins. Jim Bowden of ESPN gave the Mets a “B” for their offseason efforts.

Are the Mets really going to win 86 games? We’ll find out in October!

~Amina Golden-Arabaty


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