Hahn takes different approach towards building a team

CHICAGO- White Sox general manager Rick Hahn has expressed his plans to look past a top-heavy roster.

Often times when a team is in a rebuilding stage they will look at specific areas to fill.

This isn’t the case for the White Sox.

rick hahn .jpg
photo courtesy chicagowhitesox.com

According to whitesox.com, Hahn isn’t solely targeting hitters or pitchers, or favoring left-handers over right-handers or vice versa. He’s simply determined to assemble as much elite talent as possible in building a strong core throughout the organization aimed at playoff contention for years to come.

Hahn has made it clear he looks to change up their roster from its primary format. With last years roster being very top-heavy, meaning players like Adam Eaton and Chris Sale were league stars, and the roster quickly fell off after that. With the loss of those two, Hahn is taking this rebuilding period as a time to add raw talent to any position on the field. With promising young talent coming from every spot on the field, it seems Hahn’s unconventional approach may work well in their favor.

-Christian Gravius


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