Angels struggle with health issues

ANAHEIM, Calif. — The Angels will be starting their spring season with several recovering players.

Due to the high number of players that are either recovering or currently injured, this begs the question– who will be playing on Feb. 25?

Although the American League has filled gaps in lineup and redeemed themselves with a better offseason, their roster weighs heavily on the health of numerous players.

Photo Credit: Los Angeles Times

The Angels focus for an improved season will bank heavily on their pitching staff. According to the Angels website, ace Garrett Richards is the only Angels pitcher who has avoided the infamous Tommy John surgery. The team is placing their bets with Richards to bring them a better season despite suffering from a torn ulnar collateral ligaments in his pitching elbow.

Their injuries will remain a weakness for the team, especially with their pitchers. Not to worry though, the team is still aiming for a comeback, they just need to stay healthy for their 2017 season.

-Jordan Vollmer


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