Corbin going to be breakout pitcher for Arizona Diamondbacks


SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. – Patrick Corbin had a 2016 that was filled with struggles on the mound as a starter which led to him being thrown into the bullpen for a few games. Now, the Arizona Diamondbacks as a whole struggled and did not meet the expectations as they hoped.

Corbin played in 20 more games then he did in 2015 which put him as his career high in games played. With acquisitions and moves the Diamondbacks have made in the offseason for offensively, the pitching rotations including Corbin should have some more help and not feel as pressured to go seven or eight innings.

Corbin will have a season similar to his 2013 year where he started in 32 games and had a career low earned run average in 3.41, according to ESPN. The Diamondbacks will need Corbin to help out Zach Grienke, who also struggled last season just as much as Corbin.

Corbin will be the most improved player because of the role he will have this year being the number two or three starter and be able to lead the Diamondbacks into late games with him honing in on his location.

Jonathan Sawyer



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