Martínez’s number to be retired

Edgar Martínez (

SEATTLE — Up until the 2017 season, the Mariners only had two numbers retired: Ken Griffey Jr.’s #24, which was only retired in 2016, and Jackie Robinson’s #42, which is retired across the all 30 teams.

That will change this season, as the Mariners announced on Jan, 24, 2017 that they will be retiring Edgar Martínez’s #11 during a weekend ceremony on Aug. 12.

According to ESPN, Seattle will not retire any numbers unless that player has been inducted or nearly inducted into the Hall of Fame. Martínez received nearly 59 percent of the vote for the Hall of Fame ballot this year, and the Mariners hope that by retiring his number, they may be able to help his chances to get in.

Martínez has two remaining years of eligibility to be inducted into the Hall of Fame. If he were to get in, he would be the first player that was primarily a designated hitter to be inducted.

Martínez spent all 18 years of his career in Seattle, playing alongside Griffey in the 90’s. He
leads the team in games played, RBIs and runs scored, and is second to Griffey in home runs and hits.

— Ryan Signorino


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