Pineda looks to have strong year for New York Yankees

MLB: Boston Red Sox at New York Yankees
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TAMPA, Fla. – Over the course of his career, Michael Pineda has faced adversity from injuries to the pine tar incident a few years back, where he had pine tar on his neck in one game against the Boston Red Sox and another time on his arm to help grip the ball better.

Pineda will most likely be the number two starter for the New York Yankees right behind Masahiro Tanaka. Although he has had an earned run average (ERA) over four, Pineda has shown his ability to be an affective pitcher.

Over the past couple seasons Pineda has had a tough offense to pitch in front of, which has come with players retiring and trying to develop the minor league players. This season will be a break out year for Pineda due to the Yankees youth and energy the team has going into 2017.

Pineda’s strikeouts have increasingly gone up since being with the Yankees, according to MLB. In 2014 he had 59 in 13 games played and started; 2015 he had 159 in 27 games played and started; and 2016 he had 207 in games played and started. It shows that the more you put him in the rotation and trust him, he can produce.

In order for the Yankees to have any type of success this year, they will need their starting rotation to give them six or seven innings to be able to go to their bullpen. Pineda is that type of pitcher that will keep battling, part of the reason why his numbers are higher than normal because he can battle out innings and keeps composure.

Jonathan Sawyer


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