Spring training roster battles

Los Angeles Dodgers Spring Training
Dodger Insider

Phoenix–  Last season the Dodgers had 28 different players placed on the disabled list throughout the season. It is well known a baseball club can never have too much depth. It’s because of that depth the Dodgers were still able to win the NL West title and make it to the NLCS. However, the teams depth has spring training set to be a battle royale.

The Dodgers roster is currently maxed out, and that is before they signed second baseman Chase Utley, outfielder Franklin Gutierrez and pitcher Sergio Romo earlier this week. Signing those players took their already robust roster and made it even stronger. It also means three spots will need to open on the 40-man roster before those agreements can be made official. The disabled list will probably be the quick fix for that but the Dodgers will need to find a more long term solution.

With the depth of the 2017 roster, the Dodgers spring training will be a flat out competition. With players fighting to remain on the 40-man roster and others trying to make the 25-man opening day roster. Unfortunately that means some good players will be left out. Hopefully the team remains healthy in 2017. The Dodgers know every player in the organization is ready to step up when called upon, as they found out last season.

Lucas Sperduti


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