Rupp catches yoga fever

CLEARWATER, Fla. – Philadelphia Phillies catcher Cameron Rupp added a surprising new element to his training routine.


Rupp, 28,  started practicing yoga to help improve his flexibility and maintain his strength throughout the season.

Rupp said his initial outlook on starting  yoga was, “let’s just try it and see what happens.” He admitted that it was difficult, but noted that it was also fun and he noticed results.

Although he joked that he couldn’t recall names of specific poses, he told CBS 3 Philly’s Lesley Van Arsdall, “You kind of realize the benefits of it when you actually stay with it and do it often and you realize, hey, I’m a bit more flexible than I thought I was.’”

It is no secret that Catchers have one of the most strenuous positions in the game. Rupp caught 911.1 innings in 2016, more than any other season in his career. If last season is any gauge for the rigor of the 2017 season, it is critical for Rupp to keep his body in peak physical condition.

-Michael Nelson




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