White Sox attention turns from trades to preparation

GLENDALE, Ariz. – Now that spring training is officially underway, the White Sox have looked past their plans to make additional trades and started looking towards preparing for the season.

photo courtesy thesportsquotient.com

League veterans and key pitchers Jose Quintana, Nate Jones and David Robertson all reported to Camelback Ranch on Tuesday, still not 100 percent sure of their future with the team. All three pitchers could be used as trade potential during this rebuilding process.

While the future of these three remain uncertain, the trio is turning their attention to the task at hand- preparing for the upcoming season. 

General manager Rick Hahn told the media on day one of camp,”At this point, we have had extensive conversations on various fronts, and as we sit here today, there’s nothing that’s gnawing at us or appealing enough to make us move, we are certainly going to keep an open mind, but now the focus tends to shift a little bit to getting ready for the season as opposed to any potential trades.”

While trade rumors continue to loom around the White Sox organization, it’s important for both players and front office personnel to focus on the certainty that is the 2017 MLB season.

Christian Gravius


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