White Sox prospect cuts hair to fit in

GLENDALE, Ariz.- White Sox prospect Michael Kopech changed his appearence upon entering spring training.

“I think it’s more aerodynamic,” he said Saturday from the clubhouse at Camelback Ranch.

photo courtesy Twitter

The 20-year-old prospect acquired during the Chris Sale deal with Boston this past summer cut his signature long, blonde hair per request of White Sox manager Rick Renteria.

Often times the White Sox organization has asked players to maintain their hair and beard length. Kopeck see’s this simply as initiation into the new ball club. 

“Coming into a new organization, it’s understandable they want a professional look,” Kopech said. “The hair was always kind of a personal thing for me, just a preference. But we’re more about being a team here, and Rick has made that very clear. I’m just trying to fit the mold everybody is trying to have in place here.”

With a fastball reaching triple-digits, the White Sox hope to see this promising young pitcher grow everywhere except for the hair department.

-Christian Gravius 


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