Athletics plan to stay in Oakland


OAKLAND, Calif. – In a city losing two of its three professional sports teams in the same year, the Athletics are doing all they can to find a place to rebuild while remaining in Oakland.

Dave Kaval, who was recently hired in December to head the stadium project says he and his team are currently looking into four sites, including the current location of the “Coliseum.”

Howard Terminal, north of Jack London Square, Laney College near the Lake Merritt BART station and Brooklyn Basin along the water west of Interstate 880 are all also possible relocation sites for the club. 

With the Raiders looking to move to Las Vegas and the Warriors to San Francisco, the Athletics have the opportunity to have all of Oakland under their wing.

“Universally the feeling is this a great thing,” Kaval said in an interview with The Mercury News. “This is good for Oakland, good for the Bay Area. It’s even good for America to have a city like Oakland to call a team its own, especially with all these teams coming and going.”

Caleb McGuire


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