Is a baseball flat?

GOODYEAR, Ariz. –  Cleveland Cavaliers star Kyrie Irving denied the three-dimensionality of the globe during his appea

Getty Images

rance on the Road Trippin’ podcast hosted by his teammates. Thankfully, his cross-sport Cleveland athletes do not agree with his revelation.


“The world is round,” said second baseman Jason Kipnis, the day after Irving, a previous Duke University student, said otherwise.

Yahoo! Sport’s Jeff Passan tackled the issue asking some of the Tribe if they understood the basic tenants of first-grade science. They did.

Center fielder Austin Jackson let out a chuckle and reinforced that, “The earth is round.”

Jason Kipnis, second baseman, said, “I respect him. He’s a good dude. I’ve met him. Ask him, if he wants to get somewhere and he goes on a plane and it goes to the right and another plane goes to the left and they both get to the same location, how can that happen if it’s flat.”

Fransisco Lindor, rookie shortstop, didn’t even go to college and knew the answer. “Round,” Lindor said, “Why did [Irving] say that?”

The entire community of Cleveland sports fans were asking the same question. Thankfully, no Indians player stepped up to the plate to agree with Irving. It appears the opening day of Spring Training has not gotten to players’ heads just yet.

And, at the end of the day, if they want to know the shape of the earth, they should just look at the ball in their hands.

-Samantha Gier


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