J.J. Hardy cleared for spring training

SARASOTA, Fla.- Orioles shortstop J.J. Hardy’s bone scan came back negative on Saturday, clearing him for spring training.

Credit: The Baltimore Sun

Hardy Had been dealing with multiple shoulder and lower-back injuries in the latter half of the 2016 season, says BleacherReport’s own Matt Fitzgerald.  Continued back spasms caused him to miss the first full team practice at Ed Smith Stadium.  Fearing the worst, he was given a bone scan in addition to an MRI and CAT scan.

Fortunately, the tests came back negative.  “The thing we were worried about were tears.  There’s nothing there … just got to calm down the irritation,” said Orioles manager Buck Showalter in a statement to reporter Brittany Ghiroli.  Hardy has begun taking anti-inflammatory medication and continues to rest.

Hardy has been with the Orioles for six seasons, leading the league for most home runs by a shortstop with 77 in 2013.  He spent the first month of 2015 on the disabled list due to back problems, which may have contributed to his decrease in power at bat.  His 2016 season was similarly marred with a fractured foot, landing him on the disabled list once more.

Hardy is scheduled to return to the field March 4 according to The Baltimore Sun.

Kevin Bradley Jr.


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