Padres lack experience and age

PEORIA, Ariz.- With this weekend’s acquisition of pitcher Jered Weaver, the league veteran has become the oldest player on the Padres roster at age 34.

photo courtesy of Pinterest

Baseball is a numbers game, and players’ ages are no exception to that. Too old, and you’ve seen better days; too young, and you haven’t seen enough.

Only five players on the Padres roster have at least half the experience of Weaver. Jeff Sanders, writing in the San Diego Union Tribune, noted that of the 30 MLB team spring training rosters, Padres players averaged the least amount of league experience at 1.45 years.  37 players have less than one year of MLB service, 18 have not played a single day in the majors, and only eight have at least four years service under their belts. 

Simply put, while any team in a rebuilding stage looks for young talent to fuel their efforts, experience is something that will never be overlooked.

 -Christian Gravius


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