Mackanin favors longer spring training with a soundtrack

CLEARWATER, Fla. – Philadelphia Phillies manager Pete Mackanin has planned for a laid-back start to the spring training season.

Mackanin told Phillies Director of Public Affairs, Scott Palmer, “I for one have never believed in doing too much the first week or so of spring training.”

Phillies Braves Spring Baseball

This year, Mackanin can afford his slow start. Because of the World Baseball Classic, spring training began earlier than usual.

Mackanin said, “We’re gonna have a few shorter days, we’re not gonna do as much.”

To match the style of his laid-back training philosophy, Mackanin also started to play upbeat music for the players during workouts.

When asked about the new soundtrack, Mackanin told Palmer, “I wanted to do it last year but we didn’t have the speaker system to do it, now we got it. This is the most fun time of the year, you know? I want everyone happy.”

Fans shouldn’t worry about his relaxed attitude, though. Mackanin is confident this method will help keep the players healthy and make them stronger.

Mackanin said by the end of spring training, “all the players are physically healthy. They need their at bats for timing purposes, but you know it’s manager’s choice those last seven-10 days so we get plenty of work done in that last period.”

-Michael Nelson




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