Angels Wednesday Watch: Cameron Maybin

TEMPE, Ariz.- Cameron Maybin received more than just a spot on the Angels’ squad for 2017.


Maybin, who was recently acquired from the Tigers, has played center fielder since nearly 2007. However, as one of the newest players added to the Angels, he will be switched to help fill the gap in left fielders, according to the MLB website. Maybin will be forced to charter a brand new territory.

After the team’s first full-squad workout, Maybin states that playing left will need continuous focus in the game. It will be a lot for the newbie player to get used to, but he plans to make an extra effort during spring training to understand the left field.

“I think with the work that I’ll get in this spring, I think it should be no problem,” Maybin said.

Maybin is feeling confident and excited. He is ready to put in the hard work to adjust to his new position.

Keep updated with the team to see how Maybin handles any curveballs thrown at him in the left field.

-Jordan Vollmer


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