Fans get a different view of Mariners practice

PEORIA, Ariz. — The viewpoint most people watch baseball from is typically the same. When watching on television, the camera is always behind the pitcher’s mound. If at the stadium, while you can buy different tickets around the park, the view is the same for those nine innings. Seattle is taking fans to a different perspective.

(Twitter @Mariners)

The Mariner’s digital team connected a GoPro camera to catcher Mike Zunino during practice at spring training as he caught fastballs from pitcher Ariel Miranda during a bullpen session. Geekwire has the video from the team’s Twitter, and the website discussed the idea of attaching cameras to all players during a game, as well as umpires.

“I feel like the concept of getting the catcher’s perspective has been around for a while,” said Nathan Rauschenberg, senior digital marketing manager at the Mariners. “But the technology has only recently made it something both effective and affordable.”

Rauschenberg said the digital team is trying out new ways for fans to get involved with spring training such as the GoPro and Snapchatting. He also added the team is completely on board and wants to get fans as close to the team as possible.

— Ryan Signorino


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