Baker projects Nationals to win championship

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. – Nationals manager Dusty Baker is back for a second year and feeling optimistic for his Washington team. With the start of spring training, Baker has been thinking about how the Nationals can create some excitement for local sports fans.

In an interview with American University’s WAMU radio station, Baker said D.C. wants to be a “city of champions” and he thinks it can be pulled off before the year ends.

Photo credit: UPI

“I came here to win a championship and you know I would love nothing more than to bring one to Washington.”

He projected the Nationals to bring home the next championship for the District, but he knows they have competition of late.

“You know once it gets contagious in a city and you get a positive attitude throughout the city, then it transfers to the sports teams. So we want to be known as a city of champions, before the end of the year hopefully.”

Baker has a reputation for bringing out the best in his teams, especially managing star players. He managed the San Francisco Giants for ten seasons before moving on to the Chicago Cubs, a team he managed for four seasons.

He’s taken a team to Game 7, but never won the World Series. In 2016, he finished third for the National League Manager of the Year award.

In order to make it to the World Series, Baker said, “I think that we’ve got to stay healthy, number one. We’re trying to fill the holes that we need to fill, and we’ve got to play.”

“You know last year we were very close; we were one hit away or one play away or one pitch away from going to the next round against the Cubs.”

Although he’s here to win Washington a championship, he is taking time to enjoy the city.

“I love D.C. Before that, San Francisco was my favorite town; that’s my home. But I tell you, D.C. is definitely in the running,” he said. “I thought San Francisco had the best seafood, but man, you guys have the best seafood I think in the world.”

The Nationals play their first spring training game against the New York Mets on Saturday.

Kelly Haberstroh


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