New look growing on Mariners players

PEORIA, Ariz. — Beginning the 2017 spring training season, manager Scott Servais told The Seattle Times he expects his team to be the best in the league in a bit of an unexpected category this year.

Ben Gamel (Lookout Landing)

“I do know that we are going to lead the league in hair this year,” manager Scott Servais said.

The Mariners are no Yankees organization and allow players to do as they will with their haircuts. This prompted several on the team to let their personality show through their long hair.

Infielder Taylor Motter, pitchers Dillon Overton, Zac Curtis and Dylan Unsworth, catcher Sebastian Valle and outfielder Ben Gamel all rocked hairstyles that were uncontainable by their hats.

“I think it is a trending thing in baseball,” Overton said. “I think the more people that have it, the more people are going to try to get it.”

Curtis, who came to Seattle from the Diamondbacks, said he was glad he wasn’t the only one on the team with long hair. When he goes into the clubhouse and he isn’t “the long hair guy,” it makes it a little more inviting.

Gamel previously played for the Yankees, who require its players to have clean-cut hair. He watched as new Yankee Clint Frazier was forced to cut his curly hairdo before the first workout and remembered the times when he had to as well.

“I did that for seven years, so I’m completely aware of that situation,” said Gamel, acquired by Seattle in a trade with the Yankees last August. “This is the first year I’ve ever really been able to (grow his hair out), so I figured, why not? I get to let my hair down a little bit. No pun, I guess.”

Servais said while he may not be a fan of the look, he is big on letting players be who they are. He said society is changing, and if he wants to preach about being who you are, it is something he has to deal with and allow.

— Ryan Signorino


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