Pirates express high expectations

BRADENTON, Fla. – Earlier this week, the Pittsburgh Pirates reflected on their expectations for this year’s season.

While 2016 fell short of many fans’ and players’ expectations, 2017 is believed to be the Pirate’s comeback.

Frank Coonelly, president of the Pittsburgh Pirates, described the 2016 season as having left a “bad taste” in many people’s mouths.

“You can’t have a comeback unless you’ve had a setback. We had our setback in 2016,” Coonelly said.

Coonelly expressed his optimism in the team’s strong core and new recruits. He explained that the Bucs will continue to trade prospects, like they’ve done in the past “for the right major league player to make an impact on the major league team now.”

“The future of the Bucs is very strong,” Coonelly said.

Jordy Mercer, shortstop, also expressed optimism for the Bucs’ future. “energy is back,” Mercer said.

Jameson Taillon, pitcher, expected a high level of performance in 2017.

“Everyone needs to do their job and take care of what they need to take care of,” Taillon said.

Tyler Grudi


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