Tim Tebow joins The Mets

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PORT ST. LUCIE, Fla. —Via Twitter, ESPN’s Adam Schefter revealed that former NFL quarterback and current ESPN broadcaster, Tim Tebow, was training in pursuit of a career in professional baseball.

Tebow spent almost a year training in Arizona and Los Angeles to hone his hitting and fielding skills in a sport he hasn’t played professionally since 2005.

In addition to taking part in the standard drills at minor-league camp, 29-year-old Tebow will also participate in STEP camp, which is essentially life skills and media training for the organization’s most popular prospects.

Tebow hit .194 with a .296 OBP, no home runs, three doubles and 20 strikeouts in 19 games during October’s Arizona Fall League. He signed a $100,000 contract to join the Mets this past summer.

Sandy Alderson, Mets general manager, told the New York Post in October that the next step of Tebow’s career¬†will be to compete this spring for a spot on a minor-league roster.

With Tebow’s football career stalled, he has decided to pursue the sports he excelled at in high school–baseball!


~Amina Golden-Arabaty





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