Oakland’s Most Recognizable Fans

OAKLAND, Calif. – In a city dominated by NBA basketball it seems as if the Athletics never got the kind of love that they deserve. Yet, the storied franchise still has a quite impressive list of celebrity fans, starting with our former president Barack Obama.

Barack Obama (photo by Kron4.com)

Although it seems a little off that a Hawaii native would root on the A’s, Obama told Mercury News that growing up on the island he was always cheering for the green and gold.

Tom Hanks (photo by Athletics Nation)


Tom Hanks. You know that one guy that played Forrest Gump? Or Jim Lovell in Apollo 13? Well, his baseball knowledge goes a little beyond his role in A League of Their Own. Hanks has been a well-known Oakland fanatic for a significant length of time now.

M.C. Hammer (AMP.com photo)

M.C. Hammer. The pants, the dance moves and the Oakland A’s. Hammer, who spent his childhood as a bat boy for the A’s, was a regular at A’s games during their championship runs in the late ’80s and early ’90s.

Damian Lillard (photo from Oakland Rebels Twitter)


Damian Lillard, an NBA superstar who plays for the Portland Trailblazers, grew up in Oakland, went to Oakland High School, and is vocal in his support of the A’s.

Marshawn Lynch (Espn.com photo)

Last but certainly not least is retired NFL fan-favorite Marshawn Lynch, who also was born and raised on the bright side of the bay. Lynch, who spent some of his career in Buffalo but the best of it in Seattle, often gained much criticism for his decision to rock the Athletics gear around the Emerald city.

Caleb McGuire


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