Bradenton hosts annual ArtSlam

Bradenton Herald

BRADENTON, Fla. – In the midst of baseball fever, it’s easy to forget the city in which spring training is taking place.

The Pittsburgh Pirates have spent the last few weeks in Bradenton,  a beautiful town of over 54,000 people on the west coast of Florida.

The city does not just revolve around baseball. Today, the city is hosting its eighth annual ArtSlam, a showcase of 23 teams of local artists’ interactive artwork.

The festival features live music and takes place from 9 to 4 p.m.  on Old Main Street “in conjunction with the weekly Bradenton Farmers’ Market,” according to the Bradenton Patch.

The festival includes artwork from students as well as professionals to try and showcase a diverse sampling of local creativity.

While artwork is the primary focus, the festival also makes room for such events as a comedy magic show, a dance performance, full-body painting, a drumline performance, and community mural painting, just to name a few.

ArtSlam is free for children and adults. If Bradenton residents are looking for something to do outside of baseball, ArtSlam is sure to have a fun event to suit everyone’s interest.

Tyler Grudi


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