Community outraged over pollution

PORT CHARLOTTE, Fla. –While  Rays players are battling for a spot on the opening day lineup, nearby residents are battling for their backyards.

Residents in Port Charlotte complained about road construction causing waste to fill in to a canal and polluting the area, according to an article from NBC2.

The canal, which runs along Hariet Street near Midway Boulevard, is becoming so polluted that the wildlife of the area is being affected. Birds and fish are less likely to be seen at the canal, according to representatives of the community.

Some members of the community have noticed a slime like substance in the water ever since construction in the area has started. The community wants an answer from the Florida Department of Environmental Protection on how the situation will be rectified.

A company design spokesman said the water is tested daily and the company has seen no issues involving contaminated material.

The FDEP sent a representative to check the water contamination levels and is waiting for results.

Dominic LoVallo


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