U.S diplomat tells students to develop their stories

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. – While the Colorado Rockies are in town to plan the future of their roster, a U.S. diplomat spent some time here advising high school students to give some thought to planning their futures.

Students should start working on their stories now in order to impress for jobs and scholarships later on in life, U.S. diplomat Ken Chavez recently told Saguaro High School students, according to the Scottsdale Independent.

Chavez knows it isn’t always easy for someone in high school to have a story like his. Chavez lived in Beijing, Mexico, Nicaragua and Washington D.C. In Nicaragua, Chavez slid on a plastic sheet over warm ash on the side of a volcano.

Chavez told the students there are many ways to make their stories more exciting.

For one, students need to get involved. Clubs and service can teach students about leadership which is important to the people who will one day be reading their resumes. Students would also pick up the ability to work with others.

Students should also try to travel, especially if international.  People want diversity and broader horizons. Traveling would offer the chances to expand someone’s appearance in both categories, according to Chavez.

Finally, Chavez wants to students to pick a second language. People who can speak multiple languages have better odds of impressing colleges and employers.

Part of Chavez’s job is to get students interested in the state department, and he finished his talk with students with information on possible internship opportunities.

Dominic LoVallo


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