What it takes to be a Phillies Ballgirl

PHILADELPHIA — To be a Philadelphia Phillies Ballgirl, it takes more than softball skills.

Phillies Director of Community and Charity Events Michele DiVicaris said, “A lot of people see them on the field but they don’t realize 90 percent of what they do is actually off the field.”


In addition to the softball games they play for charity, Phillies Ballgirls represent the franchise in more than 150 off-field events throughout the season. They have participated in golf and bowling tournaments, hosted fashion shows and visited schools and nursing homes.

DeVicaris said, “They are our community ambassadors so we want to make sure that they are able to handle themselves in different situations, dealing with different fans.” Judges are looking to find, “the all-around candidate.”

Although competition is steep, the tryouts are also a fun and educational experience for prospective Ballgirls.

Finalist Kimberly Jackson said, “It was awesome getting to know some of the Ballgirls and just listening to their experiences and it makes me excited and hopeful that maybe one day I’ll get an opportunity to put on a uniform.”

To apply, fans were required to send in a resume and two-minute video clip describing why they should be selected. The application deadline was March 1. Tryouts are held at Citizens Bank Park.

-Michael Nelson





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