Angels Wednesday Watch: Matt Shoemaker

TEMPE, Ariz.- Matt Shoemaker is making his way towards a full recovery both on and off the field after suffering from a skull fracture last season.

Credit: Yahoo Sports

According to the MLB Website, shoemaker was hit with a 105-mph line drive and had to undergo emergency brain surgery from his head injuries that he sustained during a game in Seattle last September. This stopped his season short as a pitcher for the Angels.

However, his injuries have not stopped him from starting throughout this spring training season.

He struggled towards the beginning of 2017, but now he is making a sharp comeback to fine-tune his results. Just this past Tuesday, he had four scoreless, one-hit innings throwing just 44 pitches. And he didn’t stop there, after the 8-4 loss for the Angels against the Royals, he continued to throw 20 more pitches at the bullpen just to exhort the rest of his energy and get more practice in.

The Angels are happy to have a motivated and healthy Shoemaker back. And he is feeling positive about the rest of the spring training season.

Shoemaker is back in his element, and better than ever before- make sure to keep an eye our for this talented pitcher!

-Jordan Vollmer


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