Cubs Have a few Spring Training Misteps


Jake Arrieta, photo courtesy of  Jake Arrieta’s Twiter


MESA, Ariz. — There have been a few rocky performances from a few Cubs players during spring training. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that these players will underperform during an actual game. Here are five players that might warrant a concerned glance or two from Cubs fans.

Jake Arrieta, Right-Hand Pitcher, has increased his average number of walks per game from 1.9 in 2015 to 3.5, according to the Bleacher Report. With a little more practice, he could be a valued asset to the team.

Ben Zobrist, second-baseman/Left-Fielder, is going to turn 36 in May, and his skills are not quite as sharp as they used to be. However, he has a good batting average and is still a valued part of the team. Hopefully his skills wont dull anytime soon.

Brett Anderson, Left-Handed Pitcher, has opposing hitters to gain a .405 average against him. It doesn’t help that the 29-year-old had relatively recent back surgery. He may have redemption after opening day, but now he’s very hittable.

Though there have been a few off-days for a few Cubs players, the overall outlook for the team is looking pretty positive.

Nicholas Youngs


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