Cardinals refuse to name starting pitcher

carlos martinez wbc
Carlos Martinez pitching in the World Baseball Classic, courtesy of St. Louis Post-Dispatch

JUPITER, Fla.—With the opening night of April 2 approaching quickly, general manager Mike Matheny is refusing to name a starting pitcher.

After Monday’s win against the Astros, Matheny said to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, “I just don’t see there being a rush. I like giving us freedom.”

Matheny explained that he is trying to guard the program and his players from naming a pitcher. By not giving the public a name, moving pitchers around before the date is not such a big deal.

Both Adam Wainwright and Carlos Martinez are scheduled to be fully rested for opening night, so there is no way to predict a starter from there. Martinez has returned from the World Baseball Classic, playing for the Dominican Republic, producing a 1.13 ERA.

Matheny is concerned about getting his players back and healthy at this point. To him, having players on the same program, healthy and in good spirits is his main hope. So far, Cardinals avoided injury scares in the World Baseball Classic.

Keely Fresh


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