Mackanin doubles fines for spring training mistakes

CLEARWATER, Fla. — Last spring, Phillies Manager Pete Mackanin charged his players 50 cents for every preventable error they made. That fine doubled this year.


Mackanin said the goal of the fines is, “To point it out to everybody so they understand those little things make a difference.

After third baseman Maikel Franco lost a pop up during Saturday’s game against the Pittsburgh Pirates, Mackanin fined each player $1.

Mackanin wouldn’t normally consider  a lost pop up careless, but this time it could have been easily avoided.

Franco lost the ball in the sun because he was not wearing his sunglasses. They were resting on the bill of his cap.

The fine made an impact on Franco. Though the team lost 13-8, he had a diving catch and grand slam in the seventh inning – with his sunglasses on.

Mackanin assures that the fines are in good fun, “Everybody kind of jokes about it, but it brings it to their attention.”

He said, “What you can do is single out a player for missing a sign and it’s not a big event.”

The “little things” make a difference in more ways than one when it comes to Mackanin’s strategy. The team accrued nearly $1,000 in fines last year which they donated to the Baseball Assistance Team.

Michael Nelson





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