Conclusion To The Fernandez Investigation

MIAMI, Fla.- The six-month investigation revolving around the death of Marlin’s Star pitcher, Jose Fernandez has finally come to an end. On the morning of September 25, 2016 the baseball world was shocked after learning about the tragic death of Fernandez and his two friends when their boat was found flipped, just off the shore of Miami. The sudden deaths left many people with unanswered questions.  Many Marlin fans expressed their grief by questioning why Fernandez was driving around in his boat so late at night, at such a high speed, so close to the shore.  They were clearly distraught over the fact that he was so young and appeared to be very well liked and was undoubtedly one of the best young players in the game today.

Last Thursday, The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commissions finally ended their investigation and answered some of the questions that people have been waiting for. The final toxicology report confirmed that alcohol and drugs were involved in this tragic incident.  Fernandez had a blood alcohol level of .147 and a presence of cocaine in his system at the time of the crash.

In light of this information, it shows that Fernandez was in the wrong of multiple boating law violations, told to us by ESPN.  These violations consisted of Boating Under the Influence, Reckless or Careless Operation of a Vessel, Manslaughter, and Vessel Homicide.  This conclusion to the investigation most likely means that there will now be legal battles between the Fernandez family and the Maritza and Maria families, the relatives of the two young men that were also on board the boat.

The entire matter is a sad and disappointing incident that no one ever wants to hear about.  Three young lives were lost during this terrible occurrence and one talented baseball player will never get to truly show just how great he could have been.


-Aidan Gould


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