Martinez sprains ligament in foot

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FORT MYERS, Fla. – The Detroit Tigers received some bad news this week after a CT scan revealed that rightfielder J.D. Martinez sprained a ligament in right foot.

Team officials expect the injury to his Linsfrac ligament will require about a month to fully heal.

George Sipple of the Detroit Free Press said that while Martinez and Brad Ausmus, his manager, are frustrated by the news, both know the injury could have been much worse.

“It just has to heal,” Ausmus said. “The inflammation just needs to get out. It’s not a surgical Lisfranc rupture. That’s the (bad) one. If it were ruptured or torn, however they describe, that’s the major issue.”

Martinez will wear a cast for a week, at which point, the team will know more about the injury.

“They will have an even better estimate of how long it will take once the cast comes off,” Ausmus said. “Once the cast comes off I’m sure they will test the strength, the sensitivity in the area.”

The Tigers have several in-house candidates to replace the dependable fielder. Perhaps the best bet is newly acquired Mikie Mathook, who the team received in a trade with the Tampa Bay Rays.

-Ethan Kibbe


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