Cold virus hampers Mariners stars

Nelson Cruz and Robinson Cano (Harry How; Getty Images)

PEORIA, Ariz. — Mariners players are suffering through the spring as a cold is sweeping through the team.

Both second baseman Robinson Cano and designated hitter Nelson Cruz were sent home Saturday due to the sickness. They have been out since Thursday after playing both Tuesday and Wednesday after playing in the World Baseball Classic with the Dominican Republic. Also suffering with the virus is pitcher James Paxton.

“It does happen every spring,” manager Scott Servais said to Greg Johns of “I’m not shocked at all by it. When you start traveling around, like these guys have been, it takes a toll on your body. Especially when it’s not scheduled out like a normal season, it’s going to be a little bit challenging.

“But I’d much rather have it happen now than late next week. My feeling is we’ll get these guys on medicine and get ’em feeling better. I talked to Cruz this morning, and Robby came in for a second. They don’t sound or look good, so we just shut them down.”

Servais said he wants to try to get more of the starting day players on the field as Opening Day approaches on April 3 and the spring league comes to a close. He wants to get the players all playing together, and it is difficult to do while missing two of the team’s main players who provide leadership on and off the field.

— Ryan Signorino


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