Kaval says the Raiders staying in Oakland is something he supports

raiders a's

OAKLAND, Calif.- “On a high level, we want the Raiders in Oakland,” Athletics President Dave Kaval told the East Bay Times in an interview Sunday afternoon.

The comments come the day after NFL commissioner Roger Goodell notified fans that there is little chance that the Raiders remain in the city and that much of the uncertainty is tied to stadium concerns when dealing with the Athletics still in town. 

“The long-term nature of the commitment to the A’s remain a significant complication, and the resolution of that issue remains unknown,” Goodell said.

In the meantime, Kaval said the the organization is rooting for the fans of Oakland when it comes to the raiders.

“We think East Bay fans are the best in the nation,” Kaval said. “They’re rabid, knowledgeable, and they have a habit of rooting for championship teams. So to see the fans of Oakland lose out is not something we’re rooting for.

Caleb McGuire


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