Trump may throw Nationals Opening Day pitch

According to a new POLITICO report, the president could be seen on the mound on Opening Day, continuing the long-standing presidential tradition.

Photo Credit: The Comeback

President Trump is reportedly “in talks” to throw the ceremonial first pitch at the Washington Nationals’ Nationals Park on Opening Day, according to Luke Russert dispatch seen in Tuesday’s POLITICO Playbook.

Trump has participated in the baseball tradition in 2006 when he threw the first pitch at the start of a Boston Red Sox-New York Yankees game at Fenway park, but this would be the first time doing so as president.

President William Howard Taft, America’s 27th president, was reportedly the first to participate in the Major League Baseball ceremony when he threw a baseball from the stands of Washington’s Griffith Stadium. Except for former President Jimmy Carter, every president since has aimed a first pitch at home plate to kick off the new MLB season. Carter did throw out MLB first pitches, such as one during a 1992 World Series game, but not during an Opening Day game.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt holds the record for most Opening Day pitches, as he threw out eight first pitches between 1933 and 1941. Harding, Kennedy, Hoover and George H. W. Bush never missed a first pitch during their terms as president. Dwight David Eisenhower participated in seven of the eight MLB openers he saw during his two terms as president, according to Christina Gregg of

Kelly Haberstroh


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