Baseball fans or food fans

ARLINGTON, Texas- The Texas Rangers will soon be back at Globe Life Park where their fans will be cheering and indulging in Texas ballpark food. Going to a ballpark consists of watching the game, routing for your team, and of course treating yourself to the food.

There is always a variety of food options, and each ballpark has their own speciality food.

“We have a whole stand dedicated to oversized food because you know, everything is bigger in Texas,” said Jiamie Hobbs, Promotions Coordinator and Ballpark Entertainment Production.

In Globe Life Park the “Boomstick!” is well known for being a 2 foot long hot dog that fans can put whatever toppings they want on top. If fans are still hungry they can try either a bacon wrapped hotdog or bacon on a stick.

Not all fans are into specialty ballpark foods. If that is the case then Casa De Fuego (taco salads, nachos, taco dogs), Capital 1 Club (buffet style), Gourmet Burgers, and Texas Grill (burgers) are for you.

A baseball game would not be the same without an ice cold beer or in Texas style, a frozen margarita. The ballpark has imported and Texas beers. Bottoms Up Beer is specifically designed around a Texas theme, and serves ice cold Bud Light.

Of course the ballpark has the typical ballpark food, but for those die hard Texas Ranger fans, these options are just for you.

2 foot long hot dog by Kut 90.5
Bacon on a stick by Kut 90.5

-Katie Tercek


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