Krasinski is king…

BOSTON — Choosing the most eligible bachelor to throw the first pitch for the Red Sox home opener can be draining, especially when the likes of Matt Damon, Jimmy Fallon, Conan O’Brien, Joe Biden and Stephen King have been spotted sporting the classic Boston ‘B.’

Draining, that is, until you throw John Krasinski into the mix. This green-eyed Boston native is the clear winner.

Why, you might ask?

Just look at how dashing he is sporting this Red Sox baseball cap.

Johnny K
Photo courtesy of Jim Loomis

And, if that’s not proof enough for you (but why wouldn’t it be?), look no further than “The Office.”

If you aren’t familiar with the American television comedy series that aired for over eight years in the 2000s and quickly morphed into a cult classic when made available on Netflix, well, you should be.

200w_d (8)

And if you are, then you know the beauty that is John Krasinski, who played beloved Jim, consistent enemy to the infamous sycophant Dwight Schrute.

200w_d (9)

His comedic genius, his glorious love affair with Pam and his rippling muscles (thanks “13 Hours”) make him the best man for the job, no contest.

200w_d (10).gif

Seriously, he’s perfect. Also, he originally wanted to be an English teacher just so he could have an excuse to wear corduroy jackets.

200w_d (7)

So who wouldn’t want to see him throw the first pitch for his hometown team?

Only Dwight. And no one likes him anyway.

200w_d (6)

Jess Dillon



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