Ousted trades goalkeeping gloves for the pitcher’s mound

SEATTLE — Throwing out the first pitch at a baseball game is a big honor (at least, my dad would say it is after he throw out a first pitch at an Erie Seawolves game and practiced throwing with me for two months).

The most important first pitch throughout the baseball season is opening day and the World Series. The Mariners kick off the season against the Astros in Houston on April 3 but have another series against Houston at home starting April 10.

David Ousted (USA Today Sports)

If anyone could throw out the pitch, I would nominate, as much as it pains me to say this, a player from the Seattle Sounders. If I were to select a player, it should be goalkeeper David Ousted, who made an incredible save to deny Toronto striker Jozy Altidore the game winner.

The Sounders won MLS Cup in 2016, defeating Toronto FC on penalty kicks, despite not having a single shot on target the entire game and only three through 120 minutes. As a Portland Timbers fan, it pained me to watch Seattle lift the cup after my team did in 2015, but I won’t take anything away from the achievement.

— Ryan Signorino


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