Ricky Vaughn First Pitch

Credits: 1988 Janet Macoska

In an ideal world Charlie Sheen would wear skull glasses, a black turtle neck and an old Indian’s cap, walk to the mound, and pitch the opening pitch of the 2017 Cleveland Indians’ season.


Sheen starred in the 1989 film Major League, playing Indians closer Ricky Vaughn. And last year as the Indians clinched the American League pennant, a wave of fans called for him to throw out the first pitch at the World Series.

Sheen said he would be honored. The Indians, on the other hand, said the team was not entertaining the notion, according to the Clevelander.

Fans rallied around Sheen, but the pitch was never thrown. Is now the time for the second Ricky Vaughn to finally throw a pitch? I think yes.

Because in my head, the only thing that will be missing at Progressive Field on April 11 is the tune “Wild Thing” and a Major League quality first pitch by the one and only Charlie Sheen.


-Samantha Gier


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