Entertainment in Globe Life Park

ARLINGTON, Texas- On April 3 the lights in Globe Life Park will be switched on, and fans will be passing through the gates for the Rangers home opener. Fans have a whole season of watching baseball, eating ballpark food, and enjoying theme nights at Globe Life Park.

On July 5 the Rangers will be hosting the Red Sox, where fans will be joining in a Games Of Thrones theme night. A bobble head of the Rangers manager will be given out. The Rangers paired with HBO to make this night happen.

“We do have a Star Wars night every year on Friday night,” Jiamie Hobbs Promotions Coordinator and Ballpark Entertainment Production.
The Rangers will be hosting the Angels on September 1, and they will be battling each other out with life saviors as fans join in to celebrate Star Wars night.

There will be collector items as giveaways which are sponsored by Papa John’s this season. 

“Brining that back and that nostalgic feeling will be fun,” said Hobbs.

A new addition of bell tower has been added to the ballpark. It may sound like a random addition, but third baseman Adriane Beltre is rounding the bases to almost 3,000 hits. He will be the 31st player in MLB history to accomplish 3,000 career hits. When he gets that final hit, a banner will be presented in his name, recognizing his achievement.

The spotlight is truly on Beltre this season as the first 15,000 fans will receive a Medical City Healthcare Adrian Beltre Dancing Legs bobble head on April 29.
In addition to the themed nights and promotions, there will be Friday Night Fireworks. 

Tradition in Globe Life Park stadium stands strong. Whether it is fireworks, a themed night, or celebrating victory.
“We even have a giant broomstick vehicle we drive around before games,” said Hobbs.

Rangers fans have a lot to look forward to in the 2017 season. No matter what your is age, knowledge of baseball, or entertainment interests are, there will be enough activities in Globe Life Park to fit your needs. 
-Katie Tercek


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