My pick for the Angels Opening Day pitch

TEMPE, Ariz. – Los Angeles is the home of rising stars and celebrities. As an avid reader of entertainment news and celebrity gossip, it only makes sense that I would pick someone who was born and raised in the city of Angels to throw the first pitch for the team’s opening game against the Oakland Athletics.

Photo Credit: HerCampus

My pick would have to be Blake Lively. Lively was born and raised relatively close to LA. Being brought up by two parents already in the talent industry, she was bound to be successful from the start.


The actress has starred in many award-winning movies and TV shows, including Age of Adaline and Gossip Girl.

I’m not sure if Lively has ever played or even pitched a baseball in her life, but I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t want to see the actress debut during the Angels 2017 Opening Day Ceremony.

In past years, the Angels had celebrities such as Camilla Luddington and Nina Agdal throw the first pitch. Adding Blake Lively to the list would certainly create more commotion for their first game and add a few more fans, too.

It would be difficult for the Angel’s to get an actress as note-worthy as Lively to make an appearance, however it sure would be a sight to see her on the Angel’s territory.

-Jordan Vollmer


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