Rays fan won’t let disappointing outlook ruin baseball season

Things are not looking up for the Tampa Bay Rays as the team appears to be on track for another year at the bottom of the AL East.

Last season ended with the Rays being one of the worst teams in the league and the only team in the AL East to not finish with a record above .500. Even though the team has tried to improve its roster, expectations still don’t appear to be high.

Image Courtesy of Sports Chump

Three different websites have released a power ranking of all 30 MLB teams in the past week, and the Rays are the lowest ranked Al East team in all of them.

ESPN.com, even though they have the Rays finishing with a winning record and third in the AL East, ranked them 21st on its list and below every other AL East team. The Rays were kicked to the bottom half of the power rankings by CBSSports.com and Fansided.com as well. Both sights also ranked the Rays below every AL East rival.

From the perspective of Rays fan Stephen Foley, he knows his team will still being playing hard ball all year, even though it probably won’t be for a world series.

“I mean, the stakes aren’t as high so the pressure has to be kind of off their shoulders more,” said Foley. “And they will still be playing for their paychecks and the love of the game, so I have faith in my boys.”

The Rays are going to finish spring training as one of the worst teams having one of the worst records among AL teams and being in the bottom five of the Grapefruit League.

“The Orioles are one of the best homerun teams in the league, the Yankees always buy their team, Jays will be good and the Red Sox are just too talented,” said Foley. “The Rays aren’t in the same league as these guys.”

Foley said he has been a fan of the team ever since outfielder Carl Crawford was on the roster. After Crawford left, Foley stayed true to the Rays. He said he will still be happy to watch the Rays this season even though they probably won’t be winning many games.

“They have always been my team and true Rays die-hards will just be happy to have the team back in action, said Foley.”

The Rays season opener will be Sunday at Tropicana Field against the Yankees at 1:10 p.m.

Dominic LoVallo


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