Returning to a sport they are passionate about

On Jan. 18, 2017, the Toronto Blue Jays announced they had re-signed

Joey Bats
Credit: ESPN

Jose Bautista with a contract worth $18 million, according to MLB Trade Rumors.

The 36-year-old Dominican Republic native became a free agent after the 2016 season, having spent almost nine years with the Blue Jays.

Fox Sports wrote after his signing, “In the meantime, he’s in the right place…A place where he can prove himself all over again, to the delight of a city- and country- that supports him far more passionately than any other market would.”

St. Bonaventure sophomore Samantha Bartle knows this feeling of returning to a beloved team, or sport, so well.

When Bonaventure announced that they would be adding a club softball team to campus, Bartle was ecstatic. She hasn’t played since her senior year of high school, and says she can’t wait to “pick up a ball and glove it.”

“It’s hard to describe the feeling when I walk into practice or onto the field. It’s like a whole other world. It’s like feeling untouchable. Win or lose, there is no place I’d rather be missed being a part of a teame,” says Bartle. “It’s that feeling that I’m looking forward to getting back to.”

When asked what she missed most about the game, she says that she misses being a part of a team.

Bartle says in regards to the sport as a pitcher, “It was the one thing in my life I had complete control of. If I lost control, I knew that my teammates were there to pick me up. I was in my safe zone. They were more than just my teammate- they were my family.”

Bartle says that she can’t wait to get back out onto the field and start playing the game that she loves so much, just like Bautista.

Natalie BeCoats


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